Khaki Shorts (3 stars)

Khaki Shorts

We return to the grimy world of Khaki Shorts as their rebirth continues for another dose of Scottish underground comics action. This second issue of their ‘reboot’ is as scatological in its humour, style and subject matter as last issue in its compilation of short strips, including the ongoing adventures of ‘Star Trudge’, ‘Men Out of Time’ and ‘Apocalypse Now & Then’.

But it’s the addition of the ‘Redtop’ that really gives this edition its edge, especially alongside a strangely poignant ‘Door Wullie’, proving there’s intelligence and pathos at work behind Khaki Shorts, not just gags. Again, the quality is hit and miss at times, but with the talent involved (names such as Rob Miller, Neil Bratchpiece and Martin Smith) it’s always entertaining, often surreal and still just £1 an issue.

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