Home Hinderance (4 stars)

Broomhill Drive, Glasgow, until Sat 19 May


In our current state of hyper reality the boundaries between the real and fiction have lost their clarity. We have an obsession with reality made fiction and problems differentiating between the two, issues addressed by David Leddy in his latest co-production with Vanishing Point, performed in his 16th floor flat.

After suffering from a terminal illness, Rory has died leaving behind those who shared his life to piece together his memories and reflect on the impact of his death, but as each character reveals a different story we question if, in his absence, we can ever really know the truth.

Writers are always told to draw upon their real life experiences to inform their art, yet Leddy continually questions his right to fictionalise other people’s lives. The characters are aware that they are products of Leddy’s creation; we know they are fictional, and yet, as they talk directly to us in the close proximity and non theatre setting of Leddy’s flat their tangibility leads to such an altered perception of reality that when Leddy returns at the end of the play it is he who seems like the intruder.

The notion of the writer as intruder is intrinsic to the play’s questioning of the extent of his duty to the characters whose story he tries to tell. Through a series of direct monologues and Mathew Lenton’s intimate direction the audience find themselves becoming part of the play and as we leave the flat there’s a distinct feeling that we’ve shared in something much realer than reality.

(Nicola Husband)

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