Iain Banks - Transition (4 stars)

Iain Banks - Transition

Iain Banks’ words have a habit of getting inside your head with certain phrases, ideas and characters left tunnelling their way into the consciousness long after you’ve put his books down. Latest offering Transition is no different. While his writing has softened over the years, Banks still knows how to pack a punch, and he does it early on here: the first sentence of this captivating read simultaneously confounding and reeling us in as the story is then unravelled tantalisingly, through monologues by a variety of mysterious and occasionally utterly twisted individuals.

Moods switch suddenly and events start to connect as the much celebrated Fifer paints a picture of a world undergoing dramatic change, murder, corruption and intrigue. Perhaps most interestingly, however, Transition finds the author bridging the gap between his fiction and sci-fi work to thrilling effect; seamless shifts between the real and hyper-real ever-so cleverly rendered throughout. Stylistically, this is Banks at his very best.

(Little, Brown)

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