Name Justice

Occupation Your summer-soundtracking ‘Friends’.

Who are they? French duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, who toiled in electro-producing obscurity until getting their big break as remixers/cut-up auteurs with one of the summer’s biggest dance singles.

Claim to fame The story has been told many times, but it’s amusing enough to bear repetition. A pair of bedroom tinkerers, Augé and de Rosnay entered an online competition to remix a song by English indie band Simian, choosing the track ‘Never Be Alone’ from the group’s second and final album, 2003’s We Are Your Friends. The incessantly catchy rock/dance crossover which resulted actually lost the competition, but a fairly sizeable dose of good luck led to record label types hearing it and liking it anyway. Named after the album the original came from rather than the song itself, ‘We Are Your Friends’ made its first appearance on DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolos label in 2004. It was a slow-burner, as is the way with such things, but eventually managed to conquer the airwaves and broadband channels across Europe in 2006.

What next? While ‘We Are Your Friends’ is a one-off, not likely to be repeated pop moment of epic proportions, the duo are now rightly established as first-rate electro DJs and producers. They’ve remixed Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand and Britney Spears, the follow-up single ‘Waters of Nazareth’ is a minimal slice of fuzzy electro, and ?" ironically enough ?" a song that wasn’t deemed good enough to win their contest has given Simian’s new incarnation Simian Mobile Disco a creditable afterlife as indie-electro DJs in their own right.

Justice play Death Disco, Arches, Glasgow, Sat 16 Sep.

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