Once Upon a Dragon

Cammo Estate, Edinburgh (buses depart from the Traverse), Tue 22 - Mon 28 May


For over a decade now, Grid Iron has produced some of the highest quality site specific theatre in Scotland. Yet, their new piece, an adaptation of Pauline Mol and Moniek Merkx’s Dutch play, represents the exploration of new territory, for, in collaboration with the Children’s International Theatre Festival, it’s their first piece for kids.

‘Effectively, the play is four children playing at make believe in a forest, so it seemed simple to just take it to a real forest,’ explains producer and co-artistic director Judith Docherty. ‘In its original version it was played in a theatre, and although this play is a legend all over Europe, this is the first site specific production.’ The story itself sounds like an amalgam of many sources. ‘It takes in a lot of the Grimms’ tales, some of which you’ll all know, and some I’ve absolutely never heard of,’ she says.

Among other treats among the trees of the play’s real life forest locale, we meet a dragon that tracks the action throughout, though Docherty is reluctant to tell us how this is represented. What we do know is that director Ben Harrison’s young daughter is acting as a special consultant in the process. Docherty comments: ‘We’re taking what she says about it very seriously. After all, she’s the expert.’

(Steve Cramer)

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