• The List
  • 14 August 2009

The sound installation A=P=P=A=R=I=T=I=O=N is a collaboration between Welsh experimental filmmaker Cerith Wyn Evans and the original ‘industrial’ music pioneers Throbbing Gristle. The piece, which takes its title from the poem by Stéphane Malarmé is a large-scale structure, influenced by the artist’s ongoing experiments with mirror mobiles, which also harnesses an innovative new technology that uses ultrasonic signals to generate sound within the air itself.

Tramway, Glasgow, until Sun 27 Sep.

Cerith Wyn Evans with Throbbing Gristle: A=P=P=A=R=I=T=I=O=N

  • 5 stars

A remarkably large sculpture incorporating 16 suspended and highly polished circular Audio Spotlight panels. Throbbing Gristle have composed a special multi-channel soundtrack that plays back through the sculpture.

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