Exposure: The Warlocks

Exposure: The Warlocks

Like a freezing fog in some desolate plain in the 60's, The Warlock's latest album, The Mirror Explodes, is both haunting and enveloped in darkness, and teeming with brooding, psychedelic moods. The band, a once heavily revolving line-up led by Bobby Hecksher, formed around ten years ago, and over the course of five full-length efforts, have since gained a reputation for their pounding, and potent 'wall of sound' approach, which is bolstered by their use of multiple drummers and guitarists.

On the back of strong praise for the album, The Warlocks seem to be only picking up speed, which is no mean feat at this stage in the game. However, if the band's previous work has thus far eluded you, here's a few words from Bobby Hecksher to help you out.

So, how did the band originally get together?
The band history is so all over the place it may be best to just go to our website and hit bio in the band section. Rather than retype all that here...

The Mirror explodes has a uniquely brooding atmosphere throughout, what inspired, or influenced the making of this record?
Thanks. Well mostly this record is a completion of a period for us. Some of these songs, I have been working on for seven years. Each song has a different story strung over that time. Some songs are about sickness, like being sick, or fear of hospitals on 'Red Camera' or arguments between people and lack of communication on 'Standing Between'. Others are dreamy pieces of art. 'The Midnight Sun' is more a fantasy about the sun hitting the earth. Stuff like that. Pieces of songs and ideas. Hence the title: The Mirror Explodes. Pieces of songs, shattered.

Is there a track you're most happy with?
'Red Camera'. There is a formula to your despair 'Midnight Sun'.

How do you measure the quality of your music, or rather how do you decide what makes the cut?
When it feels like there is something magical about the track or song i'm working on, taking you away from time.

Was there anything significantly different about the writing and recording process for The Mirror Explodes?
It took a long time to get red camera right. I got to use this Moog guitar on 'Standing Between The Lovers Of Hell'. Joey Santiago from The Pixies lent it to us... pretty cool.

What would you like people to take away from a live show and your records, particularly this new one?
An experience, a suspension of time. The worlds so fucked up as it is, if we can take people away from that with the songs, wall of sound, projections, strobe lights...the whole deal, I would feel great

What's next for the band?
Right now I'm in playing mode, so to play play play.


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