Kraak and Smaak (3 stars)

Kraak and Smaak

The Remix Sessions (Jalapeno)


Apparently a reference to an old Dutch proverb rather than Pete Doherty’s breakfast, Kraak and Smaak serve up a double remix CD of jazzy house vibes and percussive, break-beat rhythms. Groove-led basslines are reminiscent of the US West Coast sound of infrequent Soma contributors Halo and Hipp-e, which, together with a strong dose of funk, results in some easy-on-the-ear dance music with a couple of the tracks standing out as sure-fire head boppers. That said, too many of them follow a predictable funky house formula and you can’t help but feel there are many producers out there making fresher, more exciting sounds.

(Jimmy McInnes)

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