Young Gods (4 stars)

Young Gods

Super Ready/Fragmenté (PIAS)


The hassle with being pioneers - which this Swiss trio are, having invented the kind of theatrical but mechanical electro rock parents and families that are just taken for granted nowadays - is that you rarely get the credit you deserve. The cheeky scamps who rework your innovations usually run off with the money, girls and plaudits. That hasn’t stopped Franz Treichler and his band producing some truly sublime, inspired work and this album is no different.

Wavering between undulating, dissonant atmospherics driven by Treichler’s breathtaking bellow and coruscating chunks of sampled rock riffage thrown into the barrage of drums and cymbals. Their formula hasn’t changed in 20 years and this is a blessing and a curse; some may see them standing still where in truth, they’re just ploughing the same kind of cultured grooves that keep their music so singular and special.

(Mark Robertson)

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