God-Fearing Atheists (4 stars)

God-Fearing Atheists

Rustbelt Sun (God-Fearing Atheists)


With two ex-punks, one indie-boy and a drummer who plays in jazz bands at a tennis club, it was an obvious career move to form an alt.country band together. Not only that, but a really quite good one - the Glaswegian God-Fearing Atheists are a fine addition to Scotland’s ever-expanding repertoire of bands influenced by roots music from across the pond.

Singer Peter Lacey does a mean cross-Atlantic drawl himself on more upbeat songs like ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Mississippi’, with a more melancholy harmonica and lap steel tone evident on ‘Yours Sincerely, 4am’. Like The Byrds filtered through a particularly pleasant strain of 80s AOR, God-Fearing Atheists provide a gorgeous soundtrack to summer melancholy.

(David Pollock)

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