Julie Fowlis (3 stars)

Julie Fowlis

Cuilidh (Shoeshine Records)


Ever since she won the prestigious New Horizon award for 2006 at the BBC Folk Awards, Julie Fowlis has been landed with the unenviable expectation that she might succeed in taking Gaelic singing to a wider audience than it currently reaches, much in the way that Capercaillie did in their brief assault on the UK singles charts in the early 90s. Julie herself has taken a more realistic line, and her second album doesn’t immediately suggest that such a breakthrough is imminent.

The more traditional approach retained here offers a tasteful setting for singing that is expressive and always very pretty, although I don’t hear the depth of emotion that some have claimed to detect in her work. She deals confidently with a varied range of material, accompanied by her fiancée, Danú’s Eamon Doorley, and such luminaries as Iain MacDonald, John McCusker, John Doyle and Michael McGoldrick.

(Kenny Mathieson)

Julie Fowlis

Award-winning Gaelic singer/multi-instrumentalist Julie Fowlis presents a solo set.

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