Twin Atlantic - ABC Glasgow, Wed 29 Jul 2009 (3 stars)

Twin Atlantic – ABC Glasgow, 29 Jul 2009

Twin Atlantic at The GRV, Edinburgh

Twin Atlantic are one of Scotland’s buzz bands. The Glaswegians have already notched up an enviable list of support slots, amongst them with our very own Biffy Clyro, and have been hand-picked to open for the Smashing Pumpkins. Tonight, they’ve been cordially invited to play with American alternative rockers Taking Back Sunday, but it seems like these popular Scots may have to wait a little longer, before they can reach the levels of rabid fanfare that surrounds this headline band.

The front few rows of the crowd however feed deliriously off Sam McTrusty and co.’s energy, even if those lounging at the back aren’t quite sharing their fever. New single ‘Lightspeed’ is a vibrant opener, with its potent drum groove, and with the plunging ‘What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?’ following, there’s a real kick to the start of their set. McTrusty’s trademark provincial accent gives special impetus to the notion of this being a homecoming gig and grabs the attention, but his band dangerously flirt with crowd disenchantment by throwing in a couple of unheard new songs, and despite the intriguing addition of a cello, the atmosphere threatens to deflate.

But with the glorious pogo-fest ‘Audience and Audio’ closing what seemed like a pretty short set, the focus returned. With a cameo by Taking Back Sunday frontman and female-pleaser Adam Lazzara in the closing throes of their final song, this home-grown band ended their show amidst near hysteria.

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