Super Adventure Club - Captain's Rest, Glasgow, Thu 6 Aug 2009 (4 stars)

Super Adventure Club - Captain's Rest, Glasgow, Thu 6 Aug

It’s not very often that a local band comes along and turns your head so much that you’re gyrating like an owl, but Super Adventure Club certainly do the trick. They’re here to bring their super-inventive, jazzy, experimental rock-outs to the ears of the nation, and tonight the crowd’s collective lugs are treated with something pretty special.

Songs like ‘Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle’ showcase this bands effervescent and slightly deranged sense of humour, but also their enviable ability to pen a tune, whilst ‘Tommy Sheridan’ is a delirious voyage through melody, metal and monstrous guitar flicks and licks. Throughout this all this aural excitement, we also witness bassist Mandy Clarke’s saccharine vocals (a glamorous female in a spasmodic experimental band – whatever next?) consummate splendidly with the ever-morphing vocals of guitarist Bruce Wallace, an engaging stage presence.

By the time the wonderfully named ‘Sharky and George’ and ‘Shoe People’ close the set, we're left pondering where all the time went - probably somewhere in the blitzkrieg typhoon up there on the stage. Oh, and for the majority of the set a mysterious being with a horse head whisks around the stage dancing like, well, an odd man wearing a horse head.

This performance tonight was offbeat and off-kilter, but it was awfully good too.

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