Nasty P (3 stars)

Nasty P

It Sounds Nicer When It’s Nasty! (Not KFM)


Love or loathe them, it looks like the blend trend that combusted spontaneously in both indie and hip hop scenes two or three years ago is set to burn on unabated. Here, Edinburgh’s own Nasty P casts in his own tuppence worth. The usual suspects provide the rhymes (Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg) over musical backdrops courtesy of standards by Hendrix and Cream, Nina Simone and Bob Marley, all respectfully and satisfyingly tweaked, deftly toughened up with beats. The outcome is a mixed bag in tone but not quality, the illicit, seemingly unforced productions often surpassing the rappers’ originals.

(Mark Edmundson)

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