Led Bib (3 stars)

Led Bib

Sizewell Tea (The Babel Label)


Another burst of rock-influenced musical mayhem from the experimental fringes of the London jazz scene. Led Bib are probably not for jazz purists - their energised, in-your-face music explores the kind of edgy, raucous musical direction encountered in the iconoclastic free jazz-meets-punk-and-rock experiments of Acoustic Ladyland and Polar Bear.

The band is led by London-based New Jersey expatriate Mark Holub on drums, and he drives the music in robust fashion alongside Liran Donin (bass) and Toby McLaren (keyboards). The skronking alto saxophones of Chris Williams and Pete Grogan provide the horn action, and they jump out from the music in much the way that Pete Wareham’s tenor saxophone screams out from Acoustic Ladyland’s sonic mass. The material is largely self-composed, chiefly by Holub, although they do throw in a deconstructed version of David Bowie’s iconic ‘Heroes’ for good measure.

(Kenny Mathieson)

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