Orkestra Del Sol (4 stars)

The Caves, Edinburgh, Thu 3 May


They say this was the launch of Orkestra Del Sol’s new EP The Road to Thermosa, but copies of it were being dished out free at the front door to anyone who did a silly dance for the staff. It was that kind of a night, and one suspects the EP launch was just the best excuse for a party Orkestra Del Sol could think of.

With ten Edinburgh based members and two guests onstage (including percussionists, an accordionist, a fiddle player, a singer and various brass instruments including a massive sousaphone), it’s a wonder they get everyone playing in time let alone creating such an inspired blend of music. They take their cues from Eastern European gypsy polkas, Caribbean calypsos and South American samba to make a unique, high-tempo sound that inspires a wonderful carnival atmosphere.

From students and scenesters to the dreadlocked hordes on a Beltane comedown, the crowd did seem to love it - as might anyone who catches this most summery of bands live over the next few months.

(David Pollock)

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