Duloks (5 stars)

Dolly Mixture 2nd Birthday @ Barfly, Glasgow, Fri 27 Apr


Having almost been driven to throw himself out of a moving vehicle by all girl London trio the Duloks prior to this gig (long story), it’s your List correspondent’s duty to inform you that the band do come with a health warning. They’re crude. They’re loud. And they’re very, very irritating.

When unleashed on an unsuspecting audience, however, their calamitous mess of electronic drums, tacky synths and comedy lyrical stylings makes for about one of the damn funniest musical spectacles you’ll ever witness - part The Frogs, part Mighty Boosh. Duloks song titles speak for themselves: ‘Help! I’m Turning Into Mick Jagger’ and ‘Bad Vegetarian’ (‘I saw you eat the fish/It was a Christmas dish’) being particular standouts.

Throw in the fact that they dress like X-rated tennis elves and specialise in audience heckling banter bordering on the sadistic, and you’ve got the quintessential opinion polarising pop band. So, while fame is perhaps unlikely, notoriety is as good as a certainty.

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