The Be Be See (4 stars)

Spies in the Wires @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 12 Apr


Delivering further sad proof of the old maxim that Scottish bands need to go to London to really get on, The Be Be See (formed by two Scots, singer and songwriter Kevin O’Donnell and bassist Philip Collins) got together in the capital and seem to be doing rather well. Their second single ‘Disney Eyes’ is out soon on an EMI subsidiary, and they’re picking up good press all the time.

Which is only right, because they’re a great band, even cut down to a trio here by the temporary loss of their regular keyboard player and playing to a modest early-doors crowd. They take the key elements of C86 and shoegaze, and feed them through a literate, pop culture-obsessed filter (as well as the name, they have great songs called ‘You K Gold’ and ‘Discover E’). The live set itself is exciting and personable, and calls to mind My Bloody Valentine were they to reform and try to write the perfect pop single.

(David Pollock)

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