The xx - xx (4 stars)

The xx - xx

How many times have we heard the maxim ‘less is more’ rolled out for someone new just because they resist knocking everything up to 11? Too often, perhaps, but this bewitching debut starts barely there, and doesn’t get much more full on than that. A quartet of sheepish over-achievers from the same southwest London comprehensive school that gave us Burial, Hot Chip and Kieren Hebden, they share a singular musical view with their alumni: moments of discordant, detached dissonance, but ultimately still lovestruck by pop.

Although a mix of Folk Implosion, Everything But the Girl and Geir Jensen’s eco ambience is not something you’d expect to ever hear it’s a truly winning combination as they inject some cardboardy beats and fizzy bass under down-a-well-spidery guitar lines and floaty intonations. Warm and comforting, but somehow distant, xx unfolds into an understated beauty.

(Young Turks)

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