The Amazing Spider-Man 600 (4 stars)

The Amazing Spider-Man 600

Dan Slott, John Romita Jr & Various


The 600th issue of any title is cause for celebration, particularly as iconic a character as Marvel’s mascot Spider-Man. The lead story from Dan Slott, with art by John Romita Jr, re-introduces arch villain Doctor Octopus (plus another big return, but we won’t spoil that particular surprise) alongside Aunt May’s wedding day. It’s a solid story summing up Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s personalities with a decent shot of action to keep things ticking over.

Number 600 is a bumper issue running at a whopping 104 pages with a host of back-up stories and special features ranging from the fast, fun and frivolous (including joke covers, a short from Stan Lee himself and a knowing chuckle at the ‘Spider-Mobile’) to a couple of touching tales dealing with Ben Parker and Aunt May’s relationship through the years. A fitting tribute marking a milestone issue.

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