Nodzzz - Nodzzz (4 stars)

Nodzzz - Nodzzz

(What’s Your Rupture?)

Fuse the quirkiness of Pavement, with the short-sharp-shock of The Folk Implosion, plus a thousand similar retro-new wave acts, and you get California kids Nodzzz.

For people in a hurry and running at just under 16 minutes for 10 songs (and not including their 2007 platter, ‘(I Don’t Wanna) Smoke Marijuana’), their self-titled mini-album, kicks off with download ditty, ‘Is She There?’. Other hook-laden tracks to keep us from the arms of Morpheus are ‘Highway Memorial Shrine’, ‘In the City (Contact High)’, ‘Controlled Karaoke’ and wee gem, ‘Losing My Accent’. Now if one was 30 years younger?

(Martin C Strong, aged 48 1/2)

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