5 paperback thrillers

  • The List
  • 12 August 2009

Neil Cross – Burial
Two ordinary guys who get caught up in a tragic death have to cover for each other and then struggle to live with the guilt. None of which can possibly end well. Pocket.

Dreda Say Mitchell – Geezer Girls
A quartet of 15-year-olds trapped into working for The Geezer manage to escape. When they are all grown up and preparing for a wedding day, said geezer turns up demanding they perform one last job. Hodder.

Lee Weeks – Death Trip
Not based on a true story, this tale features gap-year students who are kidnapped in Thailand. The detective half-brother of one of the hostages infiltrates the Mafia to launch a daring rescue bid. Avon.

Lawrence Block – Hit and Run
The fourth in the Hit series featuring John Keller, stamp collector, chronic worrier and mad assassin. Orion.

Bill Vidal – The Clayton Account
A debut tale about the contents of a Swiss bank account, spent by the son it was left to, but apparently the property of a crazed drug baron. Arrow.

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