Gerard Butler's lust for power

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  • 9 August 2009
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler's lust for power

The 'Ugly Truth' star Gerard Butler is attracted to women who can ''overpower and overawe him''

Gerard Butler is attracted to powerful women.

The 'Ugly Truth' actor, who was recently romantically linked to Jennifer Aniston, will happily surrender himself and be dominated when the right lady comes along.

He said: "It's amazing to be overpowered and overawed by somebody, and to feel that excitement come over you, and to take yourself out of your own head.

"And then suddenly, somebody holds this power over you."

Gerard admits he has only opened up his heart to a handful of women and prefers to keep his emotions locked up.

The Scottish-born star explained: "I live very much in my own head and I don't always like that somebody else is playing such a big part in your mind and your psyche.

"It's tough to deal with that vulnerability because I still have that element of, 'I can't do this on my own! I'm all right!' "

It seems there is more than one type of lady Gerard is attracted to.

Earlier this week, he claimed he is on the look-out for "dumb woman".

The 39-year-old screen hunk said: "Sometimes along the way in my life I don't want a smart woman, I want a dumb woman. But then you think, 'That doesn't work, now I want a smart woman.' Then you get a smart woman and you go, 'No, that doesn't work.' So it's just killing me right now."

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