Singles and Downloads

Singles and Downloads

Little Boots

Much touted at the start of the year, Little Boots’ takeover of planet pop hasn’t quite materialised, and ‘Remedy’ (679) ●● won’t change that. A decent enough pop strut with obligatory chunky synths and singalong chorus, it lacks the personality of her contemporaries, almost instantly forgettable after the last chord fades.

Meanwhile, yay! Arctic Monkeys are back! But also, boo! Their new single is a bit boring. ‘Crying Lightning’ (Domino) ●●● is a darker and less frantic band (produced by Josh Homme, apparently), but it’s also lacking the lyrical or riffical spark of Alex and co’s previous genius.

Dan Arborise sets his stall out early on ‘You’ll All Get What’s Coming To You’ (Just Music) ●● with a spectacular display of folky-blues guitar finger-picking, and while he’s clearly a talented guy, his melodies lack the punchy attack his digit-mungous playing deserves.

More effective is ‘No One Had It Better’ (Domino) ●●●● by King Creosote, in which the supposed folk artist has his tune remixed by Bullion into a ferocious and frantic slice of slap-bassed 80s disco mayhem. Even better is KC’s ‘cover’ of the remix on the B-side, which is like the theme from Miami Vice played by crazed Scottish monkey techno pirates. Or something.

And so Single of the Week goes to erstwhile actor Mos Def, returning to the day job with style on ‘Life in Marvellous Times’ (Downtown) ●●●●, a wonderfully lyrical state-of-the-world tirade taking in politics, race, crime and the environment, and backed by driving, apocalyptic beats from hell. Very tasty.

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