Gerard Butler wants 'dumb' girl

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 August 2009
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler wants 'dumb' girl

Gerard Butler doesn't have a type of lady he is attracted to, but is happy to date a ''dumb woman''

Gerard Butler wants to date a "dumb woman".

The 'Ugly Truth' actor, who has been romantically linked to Jennifer Aniston, is attracted to different types of women and has no idea what he really wants from a relationship.

He said: "I couldn't actually tell you what I look for because it's different in each woman, but part of it is being smart and part of it is being dumb.

"Sometimes along the way in my life I don't want a smart woman right now, I want a dumb woman. But then you think, 'That doesn't work, now I want a smart woman.' Then you get a smart woman and you go, 'No, that doesn't work.' So it's just killing me right now."

Gerard, 39, has also laughed off reports he dated his 'The Bounty' co-star Jennifer, insisting he is tired of being linked to different Hollywood beauties.

He joked: "Oh Jennifer Aniston and I are getting married, then I'm marrying Cameron Diaz, then I'm marrying Joan Rivers and I'm going to be a busy guy."

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