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  • 7 May 2007

The Best Comedy

Improbabble A riot of ad-libbing and improvised japery with a revolving set of the nation’s favourite young comics. See Profile. Brunswick Hotel, Glasgow, Fri 11, 18 May.

Pam Ann The trolley dolly with the tongue of sulphur will be landing on us for one night only. See Answer Machine, page 104. King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 13 May.

The Amazing Bastards! A marathon session of stand-up, sketches and character creativity from Teddy, Allan Miller and Steven Dick. The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 14 May; the Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 15 May.

Paul Sinha Can laughter actually be the best medicine? I’m sure this medic might prescribe pills for ailments which a good chuckle won’t cure, but you get the drift. See My Comedy Hero. The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 17 May; the Stand, Edinburgh, Fri 18 & Sat 19 May.

Richard Herring Dealing with being on his own has given Stewart Lee’s former showbiz buddy (pictured) a new lease of comical life and his Ménage à Un is a brilliant one-man show in its broadest terms. The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 22 May; the Stand, Glasgow, Wed 23 May.

Frankie Boyle You may have seen him on Beeb3’s silly road comedy, Rush Hour, but back on our stages is where he truly belongs. The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 24 May.

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