Sienna Miller not 'nice'

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  • 5 August 2009
Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller not 'nice'

Sienna Miller admits she doesn't come across as a ''nice'' person and says many of her actions have not endeared her to the public

Sienna Miller admits she doesn't come across as a "nice" person.

The 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra' actress - who had an affair with married father-of-four Balthazar Getty last year - realises her actions have not endeared her to the public.

She said: "It probably looked awful. I probably seem like not a particularly nice person, not a girl's girl."

Although the 27-year-old beauty admits she could have handled the situation better, she blames some of her behaviour on her rebellious streak.

Sienna - who has previously dated Jude Law and Rhys Ifans - said in an interview with GQ magazine: "I've never been someone who has conformed, and I think my response to that level of attention was to pretend it didn't exist.

"The situation I got into was not ideal but it happened and if I could go back and be more responsible, I would.

"Well, I probably would be less naive about ignoring the fact that people care. I've always kind of done exactly what my instincts said. I have a good brain on me but I've never really used it when it came to making decisions about love, which has been a blessing and a curse."

However, Sienna - who is single at the moment - insists she's not going to live her life by what other people think.

She said: 'I definitely have been foolish. I've made apologies to people I needed to, but I can't apologise to people I don't know for things they don't understand."

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