Jackson family hire investigators

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  • 5 August 2009
Joe and Katherine Jackson

Katherine and Joe Jackson

Michael Jackson's parents are hiring private detectives to investigate their son's death as they are convinced he died as a result of foul play

Michael Jackson's parents are hiring private detectives to investigate their son's death.

Katherine and Joe Jackson are convinced the pop legend died on June 25 as a result of foul play and are desperate for answers and are also considering wrongful death lawsuits.

The pair are also to examine Michael's contract with AEG - the concert promoters behind his 50-night residency at London's O2 arena - as they don't think he was fit enough or wanted to do all the scheduled shows.

A source said: "Joe has been obsessed with AEG's role from the start and wanted to see the contract. He didn't trust them and told Michael. He is adamant he only agreed or wanted to do 10 shows and was pressured into doing more."

On Monday (03.08.09), a Los Angeles judge ruled Katherine - who has been granted custody of Michael's three children - can see the contract after her request was previously turned down.

The private detectives will examine all the circumstances surrounding Michael's death from a suspected cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home.

The 'Thriller' singer's personal physician Doctor Conrad Murray - who is being investigated by police on suspicion of manslaughter - was employed by AEG for £90,000-a-month at the 50-year-old star's request.

Another doctor gave Michael a clean bill of health so he could perform the shows, which were due to begin on July 13.

Meanwhile, Joe has told a court he only intends to see Michael's children occasionally now Katherine has guardianship.

In a document signed on July 13, Joe - who had a difficult relationship with Michael, who always insisted he had been beaten by his father as a child - said: "I have had a close family relationship with these grandchildren since their birth. I do visit the family residence from time to time and will continue to do so, however, I will not be involved in raising the children."

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