• The List
  • 7 May 2007


Name? Improbabble

What’s that then? Every Friday, the Brunswick Hotel basement in Glasgow’s Merchant City plays host to a free-for-all ad libbing improv extravaganza.

Hold on, that sounds a bit like Whose Line is it Anyway? And so it should. There’d be no show without suggestions from the audience with sketches based around such diverse themes as a space programme, a tenant/landlord confrontation and the Virginia Tech massacre.

Who’s involved? There’s a revolving cast of comics taking part but on the night we viewed were compere Billy Bonkers (the elder statesman), Peter Aitchison (the calming influence), Austin Low (the sharp-skulled surfer), Billy Kirkwood (the naturally funny hairy one) and Bernie Mclaughlin (the operation’s brains, quite possibly).

What kind of games do they lark around with? Titles of rounds include Freeze Tag, with the players taking over from one another at any given moment; Pocket Notes, as random audience scribblings are produced from the participants’ trouser-holes and somehow made to fit into the scenario being acted out; and The Oracle, which can best be described as a three-headed beast responding to the big questions of the day one word at a time. Which is actually even odder than it sounds.

(Brian Donaldson)

Brunswick Hotel, Glasgow, Fri 11, 18 May.

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