Site Specifics - Alien Wars

Site Specifics

What is it? Imagine stepping into the world of Alien and Aliens (as created by Ridley Scott and James Cameron respectively) as you are guided round the Arches’ basement with extra terrestrials leaping out to scare you at every turn. ‘A ghost train on foot,’ as co-producer John Gorman so succinctly puts it.

Wait a minute I’m sure I recognise that name … You’re correct Alien Wars was first scarring customers in 1992 in Glasgow at this very venue. It was so successful it moved onto Bournemouth, Aberdeen and London and is off to Liverpool’s Spaceport next.

Yikes, so is it scary? ‘Yes’ is the simple answer. In the past people have peed, pooped and puked but it’s open to kids ages eight and over and only last 15 minutes so while there are some good old fashioned shocks and frights you should survive. The Alien Wars team do everything in their power to immerse you in the world of terrifying xenomorphs. The Marines stay in character the whole time as they lead you though the dark corridors and you are fully briefed on the back-story which sets up the actual experience.

Tell me more Basically it goes like this: ‘An Alien Spacecraft discovered in the basement of the Arches has been quarantined by the British Army who are now patrolling the site. We are all trying to work at the venue as normal during this time but it has been agreed with governmental authorities that we can invite members of the public to view this amazing discovery in small groups.’

Sounds ace, I think I’m tough enough, when can I go? Alien Wars is open seven days a week but sadly is coming to a close this month, so get in quick before you miss it. Remember, in Glasgow everyone can hear you scream.

The Arches, Glasgow, until 16 Aug.

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