Five Biographies

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  • 4 August 2009
Five Biographies

Roland Chambers, The Last Englishman
The all-true story of Arthur Ransome, who was caught up in the Russian Revolution while working for British intelligence and became a double agent. (Faber)

J Randy Tarborelli, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
You might have thought that no fresh material could be eked from Norma Jean’s mental problems, relationship with the Kennedys and complex family history, but oh no. (Sidgwick)

Gretel Wachtel & Claudia Strachan, A Different Kind of Courage
This tells how a brave German woman helped to protect those being hunted down by the Nazis during the 40s. (Mainstream)

Martin Stannard, Muriel Spark: The Biography

Having written a widely praised biog of Evelyn Waugh, the grand Dame invited Stannard to write her story back in 1992. This is the result. (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)

Christopher Sandford, Imran Khan
The ‘definitive’ memoir subtitled ‘The Cricketer, the Playboy, the Politician’. (HarperCollins)

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