The Edinburgh Boat Party

The Forth Belle, South Queensferry, Sun 20 May


With the summer months almost upon us, it’s going to be hard to resist some al fresco fun come the weekend. In which case, the Edinburgh Boat Party will be able to combine all your clubbing and sunshine needs with a bit of seafaring thrown in.

The brainchild of Leon Easter (who runs house night 33/45 in the city) and Harry Bennett (the man behind Sumo, and manager of Berlin), the Boat Party sets sail on the third Sunday of every month at 6pm, with a free bus laid on from the pre-gig party at 99 Hanover Street in Edinburgh. There are five parties in all, from May until September, which will feature guest DJs from such renowned Edinburgh clubs as Progression (appearing at this first date), Stereotype and Tokyoblu.

‘We had some mates who did the same thing in Glasgow,’ explains Easter, ‘so we decided to give it a try last September. That was with no press or publicity at all, and it was still a sell-out.’ The boat the guys use is a pleasure cruiser named the Forth Belle, a 140 capacity ship which is moored between the Forth Bridges in South Queensferry, with a bar and a brand new sound system.

The obvious question is, did Easter get a bit worried when sewage started spilling into the Forth the other week, or are they just going to set sail with the windows closed? ‘I’m not worried’, he remarks. ‘I’m sure they’ll have it cleaned up by then, but if not it doesn’t matter anyway, we’ll be heading inland, away from it all’.

(David Pollock)

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