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  • 7 May 2007


The best books, comics & events

Booked! The 7th West Dunbartonshire Literature Festival gets in full swing with the likes of Ron Butlin, Laura Marney and James Robertson (pictured) appearing. Various venues, West Dunbartonshire, until 23 May.

Christopher Brookmyre Scotland’s crime caper king takes his place in the Conversation Pieces programme as we discover the motivations behind the man responsible for the likes of A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil and Boiling a Frog. He likes his titles, does Chris. Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Fri 11 May.

Iain Banks Another legendary figure from the current Scottish literary scene is the bearded whisky fan who has succeeded in becoming an icon to fans of both sci-fi and social/family drama. Eastwood Park Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 17 May.

Commando See preview. DC Thomson.

Paul Pope Set 30 years into the future, this vision of a dictatorial American state trying to track down the masked vigilante they call Batman is stylish, bleak and funny. See review. DC/Titan.

Don DeLillo We all knew that the author of Libra and Cosmopolis would one day turn his attention to 9/11. And now he has, with the exhilarating Falling Man. See review. Picador.

Claire Keegan Eight years on from her debut set of short stories this Irish author proves she has far from lost it with an evocative new collection entitled Walk the Blue Fields. See review. Faber.

Jonathan Lethem Who doesn’t love the new breed of hotshot US authors? With You Don’t Love Me Yet, Lethem proves he’s among the hottest shots around. See review. Faber.

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