Jude Law wants Sherlock sequel

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  • 3 August 2009
Jude Law

Jude Law wants Sherlock sequel

Jude Law wants to appear in a sequel to new movie 'Sherlock Holmes' because there are more stories to tell about the British detective

Jude Law is desperate to make another 'Sherlock Holmes' movie.

The actor - who plays Holmes' faithful sidekick Dr. Watson in Guy Ritchie's new adaptation of the classic detective tale - is hoping for a sequel because there are so many more stories to tell.

He said: "The more you work on the substance of the film, the more you go back to the source material, and the more you realise there is to tell. This relationship went on and on and on, and there are fantastic stories and even better characters. "We would love that the audience falls in love with it as much as we have and then we can tell a whole bunch more."

Jude's co-star Robert Downey Jr. - who plays the title role - is also keen to make another movie but would like a more exotic location for the next shoot.

He told Empire magazine: "We definitely agreed to renegotiate for a part two. We feel really strongly about that. Now I love England, but we might need to shoot the next one abroad.

"Jude and I'll be texting each other. I'll say, 'Brussels!', he'll say, 'Gstaad!' We're really going to dig deep for the next one."

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