Wolverine: Origin (2 stars)

Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada, Paul Jenlins & Andy Kubert

Wolverine: Origin (Marvel)


Perhaps even more than Batman, Judge Dredd and Marv from Sin City, the X-Men’s Wolverine might well be comics’ most beloved antihero. A tortured amnesiac with adamantium claws and a berserker’s rage, the man known only as Logan has been searching for his past since he was introduced in the 70s. Now Marvel finally tell the most anticipated origin story of them all, but it’s not always a success.

Set a century ago in rural Canada, we’re led to believe that brutal handyman to the Howlett family Mr Logan and his mistreated son Dog have a big part in the story. They do, but it’s all part of a guessable misdirection, which comes out at the end of chapter two. While Andy Kubert’s art is lovely there’s something about the character introduced here which doesn’t really ring true, indicating that more money-spinning fill-in tales might be a necessity.

(David Pollock)

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