David Beckham's kids question underwear ad

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  • 30 July 2009
David Beckham

David Beckham's kids question underwear ad

David Beckham has revealed his three sons are confused about the Armani adverts he stars in, as they don't understand why their dad wants people to see him almost naked

David Beckham's children don't understand why he stars in underwear adverts.

The soccer star's sons - Brooklyn, 10, six-year-old Romeo and four-year-old Cruz, his children with wife Victoria Beckham - struggle to understand why their father is happy to pose in the raunchy Armani pictures, which famously see him lounging around in tight, white underwear.

David said: "When they first saw them, they were like, 'Daddy, why are you in your underwear so everyone can see?' They don't mind. If they were older they'd be embarrassed, maybe."

The 34-year-old sportsman has also confirmed he named his youngest son after his actor friend Tom Cruise, adding Tom was one of the first people they spoke to after welcoming Cruz into the world.

David explained to People magazine: "With Brooklyn, we found out when we were in New York that Victoria was pregnant with him, so that's where his name comes from. Romeo comes from the fact that we're a very romantic couple. When we first met Tom Cruise - actually quite a few years ago - I said, 'Isn't Cruise a really nice name?' And Cruz came from that. Tom was one of the first people we phoned when Cruz was born and told him."

David then gave an insight into his private life, revealing he loves cooking for his family and is often found polishing and dusting at home.

He said: "I'm very passionate about cleanliness and housework. I love to vacuum. And I also like cooking. My signature dish for Victoria is grilled prawns or lobster and fresh vegetables. And for the children and for myself it's pasta with fresh tomato sauce and olives."

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