Tank Girl: Three - Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin (3 stars)

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  • 30 July 2009
Tank Girl: Three - Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin

Back in the 90s there was one woman who encapsulated the spirit of the age, the epitome of cool that was Tank Girl. This irascible, boozing, bonking and brawling babe who took no shit from nobody sprang from the fevered minds of writer Alan Martin and the pen of Jamie Hewlett. And while Martin’s scripts created this harsh, but very funny, post-apocalyptic landscape, it was Hewlett’s instantly recognisable art that really captured the imagination: a winning formula that helped catapult Gorillaz to the top of the charts.

This third compendium – collecting the final run of stories form the original Deadline magazine – leaves you with the nagging suspicion that it was a strong case of style over substance. Martin was perhaps at his funniest and most cynical by this stage and Hewlett’s graphical work is so wonderful it’s hard not to get sucked into Tank Girl’s anarchic world of marsupial boyfriends, ultra violence and large armoured vehicles.

(Titan Books)

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