The Temper Trap - Conditions (3 stars)

The Temper Trap - Conditions

(Infectious Records)

As indie rock grows more splintered and contrived with every new self-consciously slick act to strap on a Strat too high on their chests and ponce about in front of their mate’s Super 8, it’s refreshing to hear a debut packed with well, just bloody good songs.

The standout track for the Melbourne quartet is ‘Sweet Disposition’, a song that’s more than its constituent U2, Grizzly Bear and Vampire Weekend parts. It sits here in a collection imbued with the same driving forcefulness that makes Kings of Leon such an unstoppable force. There’s also a quaintness – mostly due to singer Dougy’s sweet intonation – and while some moments fail to completely ignite, there’s plenty to draw repeat listens.

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