Singles and downloads

Singles and downloads

Virtually no one releases good singles in August. The charts are full of summer pap while decent acts are up to their knees in festival mud. So hello, Dolores ‘The Cranberries’ O’Riordan, whose ‘The Journey’ (Cooking Vinyl) ● is utterly anaemic, dreary soft rock, like The Corrs with a charisma bypass, if you can imagine anything so vacuous.

At least Mariachi El Bronx have something original about them, being a mariachi punk band. Actually, ‘Cell Mates’ (Wichita) ●● is all mariachi and no punk, the latter being the LA outfit’s day job as The Bronx. Confused? You might me. Entertained? Not really.

And so to Glasgow indie-dom, with The Cinematics. ‘Love and Terror’ (The Orchard) ●● has its sights set firmly on the stadiums, a mood nicked from Editors, guitars pinched from U2, bombast appropriated from The Killers, all of which adds up to approximately fuck all of any interest.

Better is ‘I Became a Prostitute’ (Fat Cat) ●●● by everyone’s favourite indie noiseniks The Twilight Sad. Even then, it’s a bit Twilight Sad-by-numbers, all the requisite shouty bits, poignant bits, My Bloody Valentine guitars and moody angst.

Which leads us to Single of the Week, the appropriately named ‘Single of the Weak’ (Graphite) ●●● by InMe. ‘What’s that shit on the radio’ they scream in a decent nu-metally romp, jagged prog riffs and whooshy disco beats fighting it out behind. Indeed.

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