Rufige Kru - Memoirs of an Afterlife (4 stars)

Rufige Kru - Memoirs of an Afterlife

Memoirs of an Afterlife

To your nan, he may be that nice lad with the funny teeth that did quite well on that conducting gameshow on BBC2, but to us, Goldie remains an unquenchable source of energy when it comes to music. He has been the most high profile champion of drum & bass since it exploded over 15 years ago, which puts him in cahoots with old partner in crime Heist for a cunning blend or two under the Rufige Kru moniker.

Memoirs … shows how D&B has evolved to embrace its dubstep offspring as its own, the two feed off the same doom and fury and when ‘Babylon 2012’ or ‘AI’ kick in, they harnesses the weight of dubstep but never lose D&B’s itchy rhythmical twitch. This is an expansive album, showing a breadth of scope and ambition, without straying too far away from those core bass tremors.

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