Low Sonic Drift - Shadows of the Titan (4 stars)

Low Sonic Drift - Shadows of the Titan

Shadows of the Titan
(Theoretical Records)

Never ones to be criticised for false advertising, this mighty trio from Glasgow eschew the frippery and foppery of modern music for something bigger, deeper and darker than most.

Stepped in mysticism and old school metal lore, LSD (geddit?) build some mean, but inventive passages of post-Sabbath death blues from familiar detuned riffage. Ramo’s vocals are more wannabe Cornell than would-be Crowley, but that gives their barrage greater definition and a welcome sheen.

Twisting and turning through five long(ish) tracks, Shadows . . grooves, wanders, staggers, stomps around, but still finds the way back in time to bludgeon you with the punchline.

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