Tonite - The Modern Institute, Glasgow (3 stars)

Tonite - The Modern Institute, Glasgow


Tonite is a hit-and-miss show featuring the works of Hany Armanious, Martin Boyes, Martin Creed, Mark Handforth, Richard Hughes, Jim Lambie, Torsten Lauschmann, Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan, Sue Tompkins, Cathy Wilkes, Klaus Weber, Jonnie Wilkes and Richard Wright.

Highlights include Torsten Lauschmann’s polaroids of domestic settings, each delicately layered with opaque colour, their discreet situations distilled in time like miniature paintings; Richard Wright’s blue doodle which nearly escapes out the window; and Klaus Weber’s ‘Large Dark Wind Chime’, intended to create an ominous tone.

Weber’s 3m long black wind chime is based on the tritone interval in music. Known as the Diabolus in Musica, it spans three whole tones and is used as the main musical interval of dissonance in Western harmony. Since medieval times it has had associations with the devil and the ability to sexually arouse listeners. The chimes were designed to make distinct beats and waves when several pipes vibrate simultaneously, creating a droning after-effect. Its alternating combinations send out ‘bad vibes’, and there is something amusing about using the innocuous form of a wind chime to express such devilment.

Much of the other work – including a spectacularly ugly sculpture – fails to impress. The gallery becomes a Rubik’s Cube – paintings, sculptures, murals and photographs sit and hang on the ceiling, floor and corners in uneasy relationship. Unless you have the formula, or the patience to crack its puzzle, this mini blockbuster will remain padlocked for the punters.


  • 3 stars

Large group exhibition featuring work by an esteemed array of artists including Martin Boyce, Martin Creed, Jim Lambie, Torsten Lauchmann, Sarah Lucas, Sue Tompkins and Turner Prize nominees Cathy Wilkes and Richard Wright.

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