Conrad Murray's home searched

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  • 29 July 2009
Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray's home searched

Dr. Conrad Murray, who is being investigated for manslaughter following the death of Michael Jackson, has had his Las Vegas home searched by police, just a week after his offices were raided

Michael Jackson's doctor's Las Vegas home was searched by police yesterday (28.07.09).

Dr. Conrad Murray - who is being investigated for manslaughter over the death of the pop legend on June 25 - was in the property as officers from departments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, teamed with Drug Enforcement Administration officials, arrived with search warrants.

Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff said: "Dr. Murray was present during the search of his home and assisted the officers. Investigators left his home after seizing cell phones and a computer hard drive.

"The search warrant authorised investigators to look for medical records relating to Michael Jackson and all of his reported aliases."

It has been claimed the 'Thriller' singer used at least 19 different names in order to get prescription drugs.

The raid came after police, who also searched Murray's nearby office, conducted interviews with medical staff in Las Vegas last week.

According to reports, officers had been covertly observing Murray's house for 48 hours before and then spent four hours searching his home and nine hours at his office.

A Los Angeles Police spokesman said yesterday: "This is part of the ongoing investigation into Michael Jackson's death."

Last week, officials also retrieved documents and a computer hard drive from Murray's Houston, Texas, office as they searched for "property or items constituting evidence of manslaughter".

It has been alleged Murray injected Jackson with the powerful anaesthetic Propofol on the night the 50-year-old star died of a suspected cardiac arrest, but Murray's lawyer has always denied this.

Police, who say Murray is co-operating with their investigation, have not labelled him a suspect.

Murray will not be the only doctor to be investigated, according to new reports.

Gossip website TMZ claims up to 19 medics will be questioned over their involvement in his death and the drugs they allegedly supplied the pop superstar with.

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