'Frail' Michael Jackson

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  • 27 July 2009
Michael Jackson

'Frail' Michael Jackson

Paramedics thought Michael Jackson was a ''frail, old sickly man'' when they arrived to treat him last month, and wanted to pronounce him dead at the scene

Paramedics thought Michael Jackson was a "frail, old sickly man" when they arrived to treat him.

The medical workers also claimed the 'King of Pop' - who died last month of a suspected cardiac arrest - was dead when they arrived at his rented Los Angeles mansion.

One of the paramedics revealed it took 10 minutes for them to realise the person they were treating was the 'Rock With You' singer.

The medic said: "It just looked like a frail, old sickly man."

It has been alleged the paramedics attending to the star were overruled from pronouncing him dead at the scene by Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, who - as a physician - outranked them.

Murray "insisted" Jackson was taken to hospital before he was pronounced dead.

It has previously been reported Dr. Murray wouldn't let medics take over in resuscitation attempts on the pop legend.

Cardiologist Dr. Murray is now suspected of manslaughter in connection with Jackson's death.

It was also claimed yesterday (26.07.09) a stash of drugs were found at the singer's home, including the powerful anaesthetic Propofol, which is thought to have lead to the star's death.

Meanwhile, Jackson's nurse Cherilyn Lee believes the singer's strenuous rehearsal schedule led him to lose five to six pounds a day.

She said: "He was losing so much weight. When he's rehearsing he sweats a lot - he would tell me that he have to mop up the stage after songs he sweat so much. He'd get so dehydrated he'd lose five to six pounds a day in water."

Lee insisted that despite the risk of dehydrating because he was losing so much water, the singer was in good health when she met him in January.

She added: "Before any nutritional treatment I do comprehensive lab work. I did a complete blood panel and there were no red flags."

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