Sandra Bullock's 80s dance off

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 July 2009
Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock's 80s dance off

Sandra Bullock has revealed she and her 'The Proposal' co-star Ryan Reynolds tried to impress George Michael with their 80s dance moves

Sandra Bullock tried to out-dance George Michael at a club.

The Hollywood actress and her 'The Proposal' co-star Ryan Reynolds are huge fans of the British singer's former 80s band Wham! and attempted to impress George by showing off their moves on the dance floor.

She said: "Ryan and I were both trying to out-Wham! George Michael just because we were so happy we were dancing with George Michael.

"We were doing all the bad Wham! moves and George Michael was not having any of it. He's a great dancer but we were Whamming it up with the 80s-style dancing."

Ryan and Sandra aren't the only stars who enjoy George's back catalogue of tracks.

'Ghost of Girlfriends Past' star Matthew McConaughey recently revealed his luck with the opposite sex was boosted by one of the musician's classic love songs.

He said: "I had my first kiss at this dance. I was buzzing for weeks after that because I pulled it off and went for it. It was to Wham! - George Michael singing 'Careless Whisper'. Romantic! I have to thank him for a lot!"

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