Muse laugh off serious reputation

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  • 26 July 2009

Muse laugh off serious reputation

British band Muse don't understand why they are seen as a solemn group because they have a lot of fun together

Muse are annoyed people think they are serious.

The British band - whose new album 'The Resistance' was inspired by political events - don't understand why they are viewed as a solemn group as they have so much fun in the recording studio.

Bass player Chris Wolstenholme said: "I think there's that misconception with us that everyone thinks we're really serious and sit around talking about politics and the state of the world everyday. And we don't. We're aware of it and it upsets us, but we're not like that as people, and I think when people hear the album some of the lyrics are quite serious but bits of it are more tongue-in-cheek."

However, singer Matt Bellamy admits much of the new record was inspired by what goes on in the world.

He said: "Watching the news had been a major influence on this album. You know, just brainwashing myself with news and also realising how much brainwashing is coming out of that stuff. There's definitely a feeling of wanting change in England."


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