Rory Campbell (4 stars)

Rory Campbell

Intrepid (Vertical Records)


Barra-born Rory Campbell is best known for his work in bands like Deaf Shepherd and Old Blind Dogs. His latest project features Jonny Hardie (a band-mate in Old Blind Dogs) on guitar and drummer Donald Hay, and offers strong and expressive acoustic music in an outward-looking contemporary folk idiom that pushes beyond the predictable in imaginative fashion, reflecting his exploratory musical sensibility.

The instrumental sets incorporate tunes from Brittany, Galicia, Northumberland and the USA alongside Corrina Hewat’s ‘Bass Strathspey’ and several of his own tunes, including dedications to his son in ‘Innes Campbell’ and his wife in ‘Anya’. The selection of songs includes the very traditional ‘Oran nam Mogaisean’, a dreamy version of Björk’s ‘Jöga’, and his own ‘Sunny Outside’ and ‘Dreams’, featuring lyrics in both English and Gaelic.

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