Michael Jackson begged for drug

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  • 24 July 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson begged for drug

Michael Jackson begged his doctor for the powerful drug Propofol - thought to be one of the causes of his death - even though he knew of its dangers

Michael Jackson begged his doctor for the drug Propofol even though he knew it could kill him.

Dr. Dwayne James claims he warned the 'Thriller' singer about the dangers of the substance just months before he died, but he continued to ask for it to help him sleep.

James said: "Michael asked, 'Can you get it for me? I need it so bad, the stuff knocks me out, it's great.'

"He didn't seem to care that I was telling him it was dangerous. He said, 'But I've had it before, I slept so well, like a baby.'

"I immediately told him that Propofol was dangerous and he should never take it at home, it could kill him. He didn't seem to care that I was telling him it was dangerous."

The singer died of a suspected cardiac arrest last month aged 50 after allegedly ingesting a cocktail of prescription drugs including dangerous painkiller Demerol and anaesthetic Propofol - also called Diprivan.

James refused the 'King of Pop' when he phoned him to ask for Propofol - an intravenously administered drug, reserved for hospital use with trained medical professionals.

James added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Michael said he desperately wanted to get hold of the drug.

"There was no convincing him. What struck me was that he didn't seem to have any fear about taking Propofol, despite everything I was saying."

The doctor sent a nurse, Cherilyn Lee, to care for the singer.

Lee claims Jackson was still begging her to help him acquire Propofol just days before his death on June 25.

She said: "Jackson said, 'Find me an anaesthesiologist. I don't care how much money they want. Find me an anaesthesiologist to be with me here overnight and give me this IV.'

"I said, 'This is not a safe medicine, please don't take it. I would not give it to anyone.' "

The main focus of the police investigation into Jackson's death is his use of Propofol and Demerol and who was administering it.

His personal doctors, Conrad Murray - who was with the singer when he died and has been revealed to be the subject of a manslaughter investigation - and Arnold Klein have both been spoken to by Los Angeles police and both have had their offices raided to seize medical records this week.

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