Amy Winehouse 'forcefully' hit dancer

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  • 24 July 2009
Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse 'forcefully' hit dancer

'Rehab' singer Amy Winehouse appeared in court yesterday on trial for common assault after being accused of punching a dancer ''forcefully'' in the eye at a charity ball last September

Amy Winehouse was in court yesterday (24.07.09) over allegations she "punched" a dancer "forcefully".

The 'Rehab' singer is accused of attacking Sherene Flash at a charity ball last September when the 30-year-old woman tried to get her photograph taken with Amy.

Speaking at the City of London Magistrates' Court, Sherene said: "She punched me forcefully in my right eye. I started crying. I was shocked. I couldn't open my eye for a while."

She also claims the 25-year-old singer was intoxicated at the Berkeley Square Ball, adding: "Maybe like she was on drugs or something."

However, Amy - who is on trial for common assault - insists she merely pushed the woman away because she felt "intimidated" when Sherene "lunged" at her for a photograph.

The troubled star said: "She moved her left arm to lean down and tried to pose next to me. Her friend came round in front of us and started taking a picture. I was like, 'Do I get a choice in this, hello?' I pushed her up, like away. It was more like an indication of 'leave me alone, I'm scared of you.'

"I didn't know what she was going to do. She lunged at me and put her arm around me. She's a nice girl, she was just drunk."

Amy - who wore an asymmetric grey suit, waist belt and silk ballet pumps for her appearance - told the courtroom she felt threatened by the dancer, because, at 5ft 7ins tall, she towered above her diminutive frame.

The 'Back to Black' singer said: "These are the very shoes I was wearing that night. Look - these don't even have a sole, they don't have a heel. I am probably 5ft 2.5ins to 5ft 3ins. And my hair does make a difference!

"She was bigger than me. I pushed my arm upwards. I just wanted to get her away. I was scared."

Amy used her marital name - Amy Civil - yesterday when giving evidence. The first stage of her divorce from husband Blake Fielder-Civil was granted last week.

The trial continues.

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