Peter Andre to sue Katie

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  • 24 July 2009
Peter Andre

Peter Andre to sue Katie

'Behind Closed Doors' singer Peter Andre plans to take legal action against his estranged wife Katie Price after she hinted he was unfaithful to her during their marriage

Peter Andre is to sue Katie Price for suggesting he cheated on her during their marriage.

The 'Behind Closed Doors' singer has threatened his estranged wife with legal action after she hinted in a TV interview he had been unfaithful.

Peter said: "I can hold my head up high and say I've been 100 percent faithful throughout my marriage and still am. And any reports suggesting otherwise are totally hurtful and false."

Last night (23.07.09), Peter's spokesman confirmed the singer - who raises three children with Katie - is seeking legal advice.

He said: "The only thing I can say is that Peter is taking legal action."

Katie - also known as Jordan - made the claims when she appeared on British TV show 'GMTV' yesterday morning.

When asked if she believed the 36-year-old singer had been involved with other women behind her back, she replied: "As far as I know he was faithful. When you split up with someone, you hear things, so who knows what is true and what is not."

Katie also claimed her children - Harvey, seven, Junior, four, and three-year-old Princess Tiaamii were doing well but confused by the separation.

The 31-year-old brunette added: "Junior knows something's up. He'll say stuff like, 'Daddy doesn't love you any more, do you still love daddy?' But I think that's just normal.

"I say, 'Don't be silly Junior. Daddy's working and mummy's here. You don't want to confuse the child. But he is not wetting the bed, so that's a good sign."

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